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The respiratory system of dogs and cats

Breathing is an essential function of life, but it is just one function of the respiratory system in our pets. The respiratory system brings air into your dog or cat’s body, humidifies that life-giving air, heats it up and filters it, and then uses the

Nervous system

The canine and feline nervous system

The canine skin and coat

Your dog’s skin and coat

The feline skin and coat

Your cat’s skin and coat system

The feline digestive system

Your cat’s digestive system

The canine digestive system

Your dog’s digestive system

Your pets and the holidays

It’s almost time for the holidays, which can really put a spoke in my pets’ routine. What should I do?

Managing your pets’ anxiety

When I have lots of guests over, my cat goes into hiding and my dog becomes extra needy – getting under my feet while I’m trying to host. What can I do when my pets get so nervous?

Mange in cats

My cat is scratching relentlessly and has begun to lose patches of fur. She looks pretty unhappy. What can I do?

Mange in dogs

My young dog’s fur is falling out – it started on her face and around her eyes. She’s not scratching a lot, but is feeling under the weather. What could it be?


My dog’s eye looks a bit cloudy and appears to be shrunken. Sometimes he behaves like he can’t see properly.

Allergies to cats

How can I decrease my allergy symptoms with a cat in my household?

Nutritional Supplements for Pets

Nutritional Supplements for Pets

How to manage a pet that is having seizures

My pet is staring blankly and twitching, and is drooling excessively. What must I do?

Feline Asthma

My cat sounds like she has difficulty breathing and has regular coughing episodes. What’s wrong with her?

Adverse Food Reaction in Pets

My pet eats a premium pet food, but they are getting sick. Help!

Pancreatitis in cats

My cat is vomiting, lethargic and has no appetite

Pancreatitis in dogs

My dog is vomiting and has a very sore tummy

Your new puppy

Important things to know about new puppy care

Your new kitten

I just adopted a new kitten. What is the best veterinary advice on how to care for her from Day 1?

Administering oral, topical, ear and eye medication to cats and dogs

I need to give my pet medication at home to complete their treatment. How do I administer it?

Gastroenteritis in puppies

My new puppy has an upset stomach, what should I do?

Requirements and process of emigrating with pets

I have been offered a great job overseas, but I have pets. What is the process for emigrating with my pets?

Seasonal allergies in pets

My dog is scratching and biting his skin more than usual, sneezing and has watery eyes – and it’s only the beginning of the season!

Sensitivity to anaesthesia

I’ve heard that certain dog breeds are sensitive to anaesthesia and I’m concerned my dog can’t undergo a dental procedure because of this

Gastric dilatation volvulus

My dogs abdomen is distended and he’s acting very restless

Heart diseases in dogs

My dog has a strange cough and fatigues easily

Heart diseases in cats

My cat seems to have breathing difficulty and is lethargic

Understand the life cycle of fleas

How can I get rid of my pet’s fleas once and for all?

Veterinary etiquette

What you should know about taking your pet to the vet

Eosinophilic granuloma complex in dogs and cats

My cat has a strange sore – almost like a fever blister – on her upper lip


My pet has begun to pee a lot more frequently, but in smaller amounts. Even though she’s house-trained, she still pees in the house and sometimes there is blood in her urine.


I’ve heard on the news that there’s a new outbreak of rabies in dogs. What are the symptoms and what should I do?

Eclampsia in pets

My dog/cat recently had puppies/kittens and is starting to show strange twitches and spasms

Pet heroism

Who is saving whom? How pets improve our lives

Dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) in dogs and cats

My pet tires quickly when playing or exercising and sometimes has a soft cough like trying to clear their throat

COVID-19 and Your Pets: Update

The SARS-CoV-2 Virus

Domestic pet poisoning

My pet may have eaten something poisonous. How do I know if she will be alright?

Malicious poisoning of dogs

I think my dog has been poisoned! What must I do?


My pet seems to have a persistent cough. What caused it and what can I do about it?


My dog has sores around his anus, which he is constantly licking. He also gets aggressive if I touch his tail and he seems uncomfortable and is just not himself. What’s wrong?

Corneal Ulceration

My pet’s eye is half closed and there seems to be something in their eye

Chronic diarrhoea in dogs and cats

My pet has recurring episodes of loose stools

Acute Abdomen

My pet won’t eat, has a distended belly, is retching, and appears restless and in pain. She seemed fine yesterday, what could be the cause?

My pet has put on weight and is acting slow and lazy. His hair is falling out and he has recurring skin infections. He also seems cold all the time. What’s going on?!


My pet lost a patch of fur and developed a massive sore overnight. It looks like a burn wound.

Hotspots (Acute moist dermatitis or moist eczema)

Acral lick granuloma

My pet does not stop licking his leg and has a huge sore where he licks


Zoom vs the zoomies: Should pet owners expect their vets to rely on telemedicine during and post-Covid-19?

My dog is tilting his head to the side, and seems to be off balance

Head tilt – Vestibular disease

Is my dog ill?

Common signs of illness in dogs

Is my cat ill?

Common signs of illness in cats

Coronavirus and your pets

Now that the coronavirus has hit South Africa’s shores, and several people have been confirmed to have the disease, COVID-19, there are many pet owners who are concerned about how COVID-19 will affect them and their pets.


What it is, the symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatments, and if it is preventable.

Making 2020 the best year ever for your pet

10 New Year’s Resolutions for your Pet

My little dog is coughing often and sometimes seems to struggle to breathe.

Tracheal collapse

How that cute puppy came to cost you R 150 000

The true cost of owning a pet

My cat is eating like crazy and not picking up weight

Hyperthyroidism in cats

My Dog is Pregnant

Midwifery 101 – What to expect when your dog is expecting

My Collie is bumping into things and seems to have difficulty with its eye sight

Collie Eye Anomaly

From Kitten to Cat

Kitten Behaviour

My cat has suddenly gone lame in her hindquarters and seems to be in a lot of pain

Feline Aortic Thromboembolism

My cat’s eyes are swollen and teary

Conjunctivitis in Cats

There is something wrong with my dog’s eyes

Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca – Dry eye

My dog has what looks like a red cherry stuck in the corner of its eye

Cherry eyes in pets

My dog’s nose seems to be all clogged up and hard and he is not well at all

Distemper in dogs

My pet injured its eye!

Trauma to the eye- eyelids and cornea

The vet could not cure my pet!

Owner Compliance and the Role you as an Owner Play

My dog is really getting old

Geriatric dogs – The senior years

My cat is really getting old

Geriatric Cats – The senior years

My pet is vomiting

Is vomiting a sign of an upset tummy?

My older German Shepherd Dog seems to be getting weak in its hindquarters

Degenerative Myelopathy

My dog is ravenously hungry all the time and eats like a beast but is as thin as a rake.

Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency in dogs

Help! My pet has just drank some Anti-Freeze

Ethylene Glycol Toxicity

When should I be worried about my cat’s coughing?

Coughing in cats

My dog seems sore in its front leg

Elbow dysplasia in dogs

My puppy is trying to chew the cord of my laptop charger

Electrical Injury in our pets

My pet is battling to pass a stool

Bowel movements – a serious situation

Celebrating good times with your pets

What not to feed your pets during the festive season

I found a lump on my animal’s skin. Is it cancer?

Lumps and Bumps in your Pet

Can I, or my dogs or cats contract bird flu from my pet birds?

Avian Influenza South Africa 2017

I love the mean look a dog with cropped ears have

Ear cropping in dogs – Why vets do not do it anymore

My cat is damaging my furniture by scratching it

Should I declaw my cat?

My Boerboel with its long tail really looks strange. I much prefer a Boerboel with a short tail.

Tail Docking in dogs – Why we as vets do not routinely do it anymore

What is the brownish yellow discolouration on my pet’s teeth?

Discoloured teeth in dogs and cats

My dog makes a strange snorting sound with funny gagging movements almost like something is stuck in his/her throat.

Reverse Sneezing in dogs

I found a loose stool with blood and what looks like jelly on the kitchen floor this morning – what do I do?

Acute and Chronic colitis in dogs and cats

Is Tick Fever and Tick Bite Fever the same disease in dogs?

Erlichiosis (Tick bite fever) in dogs

What do I feed my dog, how much and when?

Nutrition in dogs: guidelines to a well-fed pooch

My dog’s stomach is suddenly very bloated and he is very uncomfortable

The dreaded Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus (GDV) Syndrome – Twisted Stomach

My pet was hit by a car on its hindquarters

Pelvic Fractures

Can spaying your dog save her life?

Pyometra in dogs – the reason for spaying

Do animals also get cataracts?

Cataracts in dogs

Can my kitten make me sick?

Cat Scratch Disease

My dog did not go out of the yard and is now limping lame on one of his hind legs

Anterior cruciate ligament rupture in dogs

My dog is scooting on its backside and I think it has worms

Anal sac disease in dogs

My pet is not responding to me

Deafness in pets

Is your pet safe?

Fatal Diseases that can easily be prevented

A sugar substitute fit for humans, which can be lethal to your dog

Xylitol Toxicity

False Pregnancy


Lameness in old dogs


Lameness in young dogs



Displacement of the eyeball

Breeding with your dog


Can I give my dog a bone?

Feeding your dog bones – the good, the bad and the ugly

My cat has pimples!

Feline Acne

What is trichobezoar?

Hairballs in cats

What causes back pain in dogs?

Disc disease in dogs

Is your male pet missing testicles?


Old man’s gland – Do dogs have the same problems as humans?

Prostate disease in the dog

Can I treat my pet’s wound at home?

Wound Care at Home

Pregnant women have to watch out for this bug carried by cats


Why is my dog limping with his hind leg?

Patellar Luxation

My young cat seems ill

Feline Infectious Peritonitis

Can humans get worms from dogs and cats?

Zoonotic helminths – Worms which humans can get from pets

My pet has red urine – what does it mean?

Bladder Stones

Do cats bite for no reason?

Aggression in cats

Does your puppy have good manners?

House training your new puppy

Do dogs bite for no reason?

Aggression in dogs

A new puppy – happiest days or worst nightmare?

New puppy

Feline Leukaemia Virus (FeLV) infection in cats

Feline Leukaemia

Cat Aids

Feline Immuno Deficiency Virus

My cat is eating like crazy but stays thin – What is the deal?

Hyperthyroidism in cats

“Crocodile Mite” skin disease in dogs and cats

Demodectic mange in dogs and cats

Understanding congestive heart failure in your pet

Heart Failure

When is it more than just a tummy ache?


Tis The Season To Be Jolly

Guidelines for Keeping Your Pet Safe This Christmas

Kidney Failure

Kidney Failure in Dogs and Cats

Socialisation – The Critical Period

Socialisation of pets

Hand Rearing Young Animals – A Basic Guideline

Hand Rearing Animals

Ear Infections in Your Pet

Ear infection

Do cats get colds?

Snuffles – Feline Rhinotracheitis

Do Dogs get colds?

What is cracking with Kennel Cough?

The Hype about Hyperadrenocortism

Cushings Syndrome in animals

Diabetes Defined

Diabetes in dogs and cats

My pet is having a fit! – Seizures in Pets

Seizures in Pets

Cancer in pets – Part 2 of 2


Children and pets


Cancer in pets – Part 1 of 2


Smelling as fresh as a spring breeze

How to bath your pet

Fireworks and Thunderstorms and your pet

Anxiety Attacks in pets

New puppies and kittens – Part 3 of 3

Breeding with my dog or cat � Should I or should I not?

Frequently Asked Questions about Rabies



Important information about Rabies and who to prevent it

New puppies and kittens – Part 2 of 3

Pregnancy, birth and aftercare

New puppies and kittens – Part 1 of 3

Heat and Mating in dogs and cats

Urination problems in cats – Part 2 of 2

Territorial marking and Urine elimination

Urination problems in cats – Part 1 of 2

Territorial marking and Urine elimination

Getting the most from your visit to the vet

Visit to the vet

Poisoning in Pets – Part 2 of 2


Poisoning in Pets – Part 1 of 2


Battle of the Bulge


We’re all going on a Summer Holiday

Traveling with your pets

Arthritis Treatment and prevention – Part 2 of 2


Arthritis Signs and Diagnoses – Part 1 of 2


Scratch scratch scratch – Part 2 of 2

Skin conditions

Scratch scratch scratch – Part 1 of 2

Skin conditions

A killer disease with a misleading name


Animal Emergencies


Your pet’s once a year health check-up

Annual Check up

Behaviour difficulties


Spaying / Neutering your pet

Spaying & Neutering

Vaccinating your puppy and kitten


The worm you did not know about – Spirocerca lupi


Periodontal disease in dogs and cats

Dental Care

The infallible flea


The no-good, the bad and the ugly


Tiny but deadly