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Dental Campaign

The condition of a pet’s mouth can have a huge effect on their overall health and happiness. Pets with healthy mouths feel better, eat better, and can even live longer. Loose, rotten, and fractured teeth can be painful, while bad infections of the mouth can cause infections of major organs like the heart, liver, and kidneys. Read our article on Periodontal disease. A dental cleaning is the ideal time to perform a full oral exam and check for any growths or changes in your pet’s mouth.

We understand that many pet owners are apprehensive about placing a pet under anesthesia “just for” a dental cleaning. But the truth is that many pets are living every day with harmful dental disease that can be safely treated.

A full dental cleaning and polishing is a large financial investment on the owner’s behalf, and for that reason many owners will postpone a dental cleaning that may appear unnecessary. Oftentimes this results in a cleaning being postponed until a severe degree of dental disease occurs, where rotten teeth must be extracted from a pet’s mouth or dental radiographs taken. Such oral care can cost MUCH more than a cleaning of a healthy mouth, require a longer amount of time under anesthesia, and take a higher toll on the pet’s comfort both before and after the cleaning and extractions.

We encourage you to participate in our Dental Health campaign and take advantage of the 30% savings on a dental to get your pet’s smile sparkling clean! To schedule a dental cleaning, or if you have any questions, just give us a call at 011 887 8158.

We also have discounts on our dental products, from toothbrushes to dental treats. Come visit us to take advantage of the promotion.

This campaign is valid until 30 April 2018 and limited spaces for dentals are available.

Kind regards,
The Birnam Vet Healthcare Team

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