Book your pet’s dental procedure and SAVE R1000!

Your pet’s dental health is one of the cornerstones of their overall health and wellbeing. Keeping your canine or feline friend’s teeth sparkling clean is not only good for their teeth, but for their whole constitution. Plaque and tartar build-up cause gingivitis and periodontal disease which can then lead to tooth loss. Periodontal disease has been linked to many diseases in cats and dogs, including heart and kidney disease. These diseases are common causes for decreased life spans in dogs and cats.

The good news

Daily brushing can help to delay the onset of periodontal disease, by removing the plague before it starts to calcify, forming dental calculus that can only be removed by scaling under anaesthetic.

Annual dental examinations help your veterinarian to identify potential problems and make the necessary recommendations to prevent further dental disease. In most dogs and cats annual teeth cleaning procedures are necessary to maintain adequate dental health.

This will relieve the pain and inflammation associated with periodontal disease, help prevent tooth loss, delay the onset of some age-related diseases and keep their breath fresh.

Even better news – a great offer!

We at Birnam Veterinary Clinic care about our patient’s wellbeing and for that reason we encourage you to have your pet’s teeth evaluated by our veterinary team and have dental procedures performed as necessary. With that in mind, we are offering R1000 off our already subsidised dental scale and polish procedure.

This is a limited offer:

  • Only valid on appointments from 4 – 26 April 2023.
  • There are only 20 appointment slots available for full dental procedures, so booking is essential!

Please give us a call on 0118878158 to book an appointment for your pet’s dental procedure.

Corlett City Veterinary Hospital Take Over

We would like to inform you of the change of ownership and of the future of Corlett City Veterinary Hospital. It is an honour and privilege for us to officially take over the client and patient records of Corlett City Veterinary Hospital from Dr Vic Liebmann on 16 October 2017. Dr Liebmann is an old friend and colleague and our acquaintance dates back for a long time as with most of you who have known Dr Vic for a long time.

The story of Ginger


My name is Ginger, I am a stray young ginger tomcat.

I have taken the liberty of attaching two photos of myself, my benefactors tell me I am a good looking lad.  They can’t keep me because of all the other cats they have to look after.  Presently I am confined in their outbuildings, in a room at the back of the house.