Farewell Dr Jaco Viljoen

It is with a sad heart that we said goodbye to Dr Viljoen in March 2019. Dr Viljoen decided to emigrate to the United Kingdom where he will work as a veterinarian.

Dr Viljoen was certainly an asset to the practice where he brought his own charm and expertise to ensure all our patients were properly treated and cared for.

Birnam Vet wishes him and his wife all the best.

Corlett City Veterinary Hospital Take Over

We would like to inform you of the change of ownership and of the future of Corlett City Veterinary Hospital. It is an honour and privilege for us to officially take over the client and patient records of Corlett City Veterinary Hospital from Dr Vic Liebmann on 16 October 2017. Dr Liebmann is an old friend and colleague and our acquaintance dates back for a long time as with most of you who have known Dr Vic for a long time.

The story of Ginger


My name is Ginger, I am a stray young ginger tomcat.

I have taken the liberty of attaching two photos of myself, my benefactors tell me I am a good looking lad.  They can’t keep me because of all the other cats they have to look after.  Presently I am confined in their outbuildings, in a room at the back of the house.