How to keep ticks and fleas away from your pets for good

Ticks and fleas may be tiny, but they can have huge consequences if they are not kept in check. These external parasites live off the blood of mammals, so it’s only a matter of time before your pets attract them, host them and then bring them indoors. Ticks and fleas are drawn towards the cosy confines of a pet’s fur coat, where they can make themselves at home, bite into the skin and enjoy a blood meal, which is the first step before they start breeding. Once the breeding cycle begins, it can be very difficult to rid your pets (and home) of an infestation.

Common dog illnesses and how to know your dog is not well

While some dogs live exceptionally healthy lives, the majority of our furry friends will experience an illness, allergic reaction, or some kind of system imbalance that requires veterinary treatment. Dogs are well-known stoics – they don’t want us to know they’re sick and will hide their symptoms; after all, in the wild wolf pack, the sick and the weak jeopardise the survival of the strong. By the time you notice the signs that your dog is not well, it’s very likely that they have felt unwell for much longer.