About us

Our Clinic

At Birnam Veterinary Clinic we take our values and principles seriously and willingly share them with you.

  1. Birnam Veterinary Clinic will always strive to ensure that the veterinary services and products we provide as well as the support that underwrites it will always be of a first world standard and will measure up to the best veterinary practices internationally.
  2. At Birnam Veterinary Clinic we strive to be a practice with a warm and friendly atmosphere. We want to get to know and welcome our clients and their pets by name, where they become friends for life.
  3. We celebrate the human-animal bond, share in the care of our clients’ pets and the enjoyment animals bring to humans.
  4. The health and well-being of our patients is our highest priority.
  5. At Birnam Veterinary Clinic we run a clean, hygienic and well-maintained practice.
  1. Our clients’ concerns and complaints are dealt with and rectified immediately. We strive to ensure that clients are looked after to the very best of our ability.
  2. Ongoing training for all our staff is the way in which we will continuously strive to add value to our clients’ and their pets’ lives. While our staff grows in a happy environment, they will care better for our patients and work harder to please their owners.
  3. Our business is nothing without a strong team. We communicate with our staff to ensure they know their importance to the team and ensure they understand their role in caring for our patients.
  4. Our drive to grow always takes precedence over any resistance to change.